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This is a guide to using the SNOMED CT Authoring Platform (AP) Version 6+, based on the Snowstorm terminology server. AP Version 6+ supports SNOMED CT content authoring using full OWL Axiom Description Logic modelling.

The SNOMED CT AP is in use here:

  • SNOMED CT International Edition content authors
  • SNOMED CT International Edition content reviewers
  • SNOMED CT International Edition content project managers
  • SNOMED CT International Edition quality assurance and release managers
  • You can create new SNOMED CT content in the International Edition, including concepts requested from external sources such as the International CRS platform.
  • You can add new terms and/or modelling to a published SNOMED CT International Edition concept.
  • You can review and approve content for publication in the next SNOMED CT International Edition release.
  • Author new concepts in the SNOMED CT International Edition.
  • Update published concepts in the SNOMED CT International Edition.
  • Review content changes made by authors.
  • Implement a concept request submission (submitted/assigned via the International CRS platform).
  • Classify content changes.
  • Validate content changes.
  • Promote content changes for inclusion in the next SNOMED CT International Edition release.
  • Merge changes from other authors into my tasks within the same project (task rebase).
  • Merge changes from other projects into my project (project rebase).
  • Any time, subject to occasional maintenance - the service is an online web-based application running continuously between occasional scheduled or emergency maintenance.
  • Scheduled maintenance may include new features, improvements, defect fixes and hosting environment updates.
  • Emergency maintenance may include operating system patches and security updates as well as high priority defect fixes.
  • Anywhere you can use a web browser with a preferred screen size of 1600 x 900 pixels or greater. Lower resolutions may be usable, but not optimised for the application components screen layout. The application is designed for use and tested in the Chrome web browser.
  • The Authoring Platform is a web services application designed to be used on a personal computer with a good internet connection via the Google Chrome web browser.
  • Recommended client platform requirements:
    • Operating System and hardware specifications as for Chrome
    • Minimum monitor resolutions:
      • 1600 x 900 px (HD+ 16:9)
      • 1680 x 1050 px (WSXGA+ 16:10)
      • 1600 x 1200 px (UXGA 4:3)
    • Internet connection:
      • Broadband (4G minimum)
  • Other combinations of web browsers, machine hardware, lower screen resolutions and slower internet connectivity may still work but are not optimised and not supported.

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