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How to find an existing report which was previously generated using the Reporting Platform. Prerequisite steps: Log in to the International Authoring Platform, Open the Reporting Platform


Determine which report category is applicable to your query.

If there are many categories, and yours is not visible in the main content area, press a category heading in the left-hand sidebar Categories menu to only show that category’s reports.

Pressing the heading again restores the full Categories view.

Each press toggles between the only the selected category and showing all categories.

Press the header label for your category to show the reports listed under that heading. The screenshot shows the available Semantic Tag Hierarchy reports after pressing its heading.

Pressing the header label again will collapse the reports listing.

Each press of the report heading toggles the expansion/collapsing of the reports listing.

With your category expanded, find the report in the list of those available. If a particular report that you need cannot be seen, you can run a new query for that report.