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The SNOMED CT Reporting Platform (RP) is a gateway to reports which can run a range of queries against content created or updated in the active authoring cycle for SNOMED CT.

Queries are structured into categories for ease of definition, navigation and retrieval, such as Ad-Hoc Queries, Release Validation and Quality Improvement.

The results of these queries can support pre-release validation of issues not supported by the Authoring Platform (for instance MRCM rules such as attribute cardinality). They can also be used to analyze the structural quality of SNOMED CT, to identify potential issues (for instance attribute usage for a given sub-hierarchy) which can then be addressed via content change projects in the Authoring Platform.

For the content team it enables iterative work to define complex QA rules that are eventually used for the Release Validation Framework (RVF) assertions (such as case significance). As a content release planning and tracking tool it can show the number and types of changes made during a SNOMED CT release cycle, and from one release to the next.

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