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How to read an existing report which was previously generated using the Reporting Platform. Prerequisite steps: Find an existing report

Reports for queries that have been run and already available are listed with status Complete. This status links to the completed report which is stored as a Google Sheet in a Google Drive shared folder - press the label or the icon to open the Google Sheet report.

If you are not already signed in to your Google account in an existing browser session, you’ll be prompted for your Google credentials. Enter these to proceed and view the report sheet.

An example report is shown in the screenshot for
TermContainsXReport 71388002 |Procedure| 20181220_103142_prod_sulrich.

The sheet name contains the report title followed by the run date-time (in YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS format), a platform identifier (prod), and finally the account name of the originator (ie the account login under which the report query was run).

Since the report itself is a Google Sheet, all the options and services associated with a shared Google Sheet are available for further processing and analysis as needed, such as copying to a personal sheet for further analysis/manipulation, download as a file in various formats for offline review and processing, including exporting to other tools and services.