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The following documentation is available:

SNOMED CT Editorial Guide


IHTSDO Governance Documentation

The following IHTSDO Tooling documentation is available:


IHTSDO Mapping Tool Documentation

IHTSDO Members Licensing and Distribution Service Documentation

Cross Group Coordination: 

Agenda Topics by month and by group

This space is aimed at improving cooperation and communication amongst IHTSDO Governance and Advisory Groups. It can be views by all Confluence account holders.


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Space: Anatomy Model Project
Space: Anesthesia SIG
Space: Change Management Guide
Space: Compositional Grammar
Space: Content Development Roadmap
Space: Content Managers Advisory Group
Space: Data Analytics with SNOMED CT
Space: Dentistry SIG
Space: Diagramming Guideline
Space: Drug - International Release Model and Content
Space: E-Learning Advisory Group
Communication between the ELearning Team and Advisory Group. Sharing information about SNOMED CT ELearning development a…
Space: Expression Constraint Language
Space: Extensions Guide
Space: Healthcare Professionals Coordination Group
Space: IHTSDO Advisory Group Manual
Space: IHTSDO Authoring Tooling
Project wiki for the IHTSDO Authoring Tooling
Space: IHTSDO Confluence
This is the Confluence landing pages for internal and external users
Space: IHTSDO DevOps
Space: IHTSDO Governance Documentation
Governance manuals
Space: IHTSDO IT Policies & Strategies
Space: IHTSDO Mapping Tool
Space containing all the IHTSDO Mapping Tooling documentation
Space: IHTSDO Refset Management & Translation Tooling
Space containing documentation about the IHTSDO Refset Management & Translation Tooling, including requirements and othe…
Space: IHTSDO Release Management
A space in which the Release Manager shares schedules, plans and other documents related to the release of SNOMED CT and…
Space: IHTSDO Technical Group
This space contains howtos for the operational IT of the IHTSDO, as well as starter guides. It also contains a status pa…
Space: IHTSDO Terminology Release Advisory Group
Space: IHTSDO Tools
This space provides general information about each of the tools provided by IHTSDO
Space: Implementation SIG
Space: International Family Practice - General Practice SIG
Space: International Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (IPaLM)
Space: Machine Readable Concept Model
Space: Mapping SIG
Space: Member Licensing and Distribution Service
MLDS documentation for both users and developers
Space: Modeling Advisory Group
Space: National Release Center Guide
Space: New Member Information Pack
Space: Nursing SIG
Space: Observable and Investigation Model Project
Space: Organism & Infectious Disease Model Project
Space: Pharmacy SIG
Space: Product Lifecycle
Space: Record Services Guide
Space: Release File Specification
Space: Reusable Reference Material
Space: SCA User Guide
Space: Search and Data Entry Guide
Space: SNApp
Space: SNAPP-Resources
Space: SNOMED CT Content Request Service
The service which replaces SIRS and integrates into the new tooling environment
Space: SNOMED CT Document Library
Space: SNOMED CT Editorial Advisory Group
Space: SNOMED CT Editorial Guide
Space: SNOMED CT Expo
This space contains links to abstracts and presentations presented at SNOMED CT Expo and Showcase events since 2011
Space: SNOMED CT Glossary
Space: SNOMED CT Languages Project Group
This Confluence Space is the place where members of the SNOMED CT Languages Project Group (SLPG) share information. Curr…
Space: SNOMED CT Starter Guide
Space: Software Development Advisory Group
The collaboration space for the IHTDSO Software Development Advisory Group.
Space: Substances
Space: Technical Implementation Guide
Space: Terminology Services Guide
Space: Tooling Dashboard
Space: Tooling User Advisory Group
The collaboration space for the Tooling User Advisory Group.
Space: Translations
Space: Travel
Space: URI Standard
Space: Using LOINC with SNOMED CT
Space: Vendor Introduction to SNOMED CT