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Most SNOMED International Confluence users do not need accounts. In contrast to SNOMED International's previous collaborative space ("Collabnet," or "TeamForge"), Confluence allows non-registered users to browse topics, delving into project spaces, without logging in. 

So why would you need an account? 

Those who might need Confluence accounts include members of SNOMED International groups (such as Advisory Groups or Virtual Clinical Groups) and those representatives of Member country NRCs who need access to the Content Request Service.

Confluence account application forms will be reviewed by an administrator to determine whether an account is necessary for the stated purposes.

Requesting Access to SNOMED International Tools

Please also use this form to request access to the tools with the options provided. Tools that are not on the list are not available to external users.

Please note that the use of the International Content Request Service (CRS) is for an authorized user who is usually a named individual from an NRC, a user from a Member country who does not have access to an NRC, or an individual from an international group who has been identified as providing specialist content.

If you would like CRS access, please explain why you qualify in the "Comments or questions" box in the form.



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