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How to remove a report from the Reporting Platform (RP) report listing which was previously generated using the RP. Prerequisite steps: Login, Open the Reporting Platform

Find the report to remove as described in … find an existing report.
Move your cursor over the report row entry (the row background will change shade when your cursor is in its context). A red “minus” icon will also appear to the right of the label link icon.

Press the red minus sign to remove the report from the list. This presents the Delete Report pop-up dialogue.

Press the Delete Report button in the lower right-corner of the Delete Report dialogue box to remove the report entry from the report listing. Press the x in the upper right corner of the dialogue box to close the box without changing the report listing.

Removes list entry - not the report itself

This action removes the report entry from the Reporting Platform listing but does not remove the Google sheet report saved in Google Drive, which can still be viewed directly from Google Drive if needed.

Any report removed from the listing can be added back simply by running that report again (although the date-time and account name will be those of the re-run rather than any previously run report).