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Press More details at the start of a search results row (also the definition status icon).

This opens the Concept Information pop-up window (as described in View concept details when browsing the taxonomy).

Press the search result FSN term (Edit) to open the concept in the Edit Panel.

For active search results, press View in Taxonomy to open the concept in the Task View - Taxonomy tab.

The display context changes to Task View - Taxonomy, with the trigger concept as the focus for the taxonomy listing.

For inactive concepts in search results, the View in Taxonomy button is replaced by an Inactive Concept icon.

Press Add to Saved List to add the search result concept to the task Saved List.

Press Clone this concept to create a new unpublished cloned version of the concept in the Edit Panel. This is equivalent to creating a new concept and entering its lexical and logical model content from scratch.

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