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How to find SNOMED CT concepts by searching for matches to a predefined SNOMED CT concept template describing lexical and logical models for concepts conforming to the template. Prerequisites: Open one of my tasks (open task as an Author)


When in text search mode (default on opening Task View - Search tab), first press Switch to ECL.

When in ECL search mode, press Switch to Template.

The search tab changes to Template search mode, with a template name query box at the top of the search panel.

Type a template name (or part of a name) into the search query box - type-ahead searching starts after at least three characters are entered, with matching available template names presented in a drop-down selection box below the query.

Select a template from the drop-down selection box.

The selected full template name is placed into the query box and a search commences for matching concepts. The phrase "Searching..." shows in the results panel until results are available.

When matches are found the search results list all concepts that match the selected template, with the default options of:

  • Stated view
  • All definition statuses ( Primitive and Fully defined )
  • Logical model matches

Working with Template search results

Template search results are formatted and presented in the same way as text search and ECL search results. See Work with large search results sets and Act on search results for more information.

The default Template search finds matches in the Stated view, however this can be switched to Inferred view matches using the drop-down view mode selector.

The Def. (definition status) results filter option defaults to All ( Primitive and Fully Defined ) but also allows Primitive only and Fully Defined only matches to be listed in the search results.

A third results filter supports matching different aspects of the concept modelling defined by the selected template:

  • Logical (default) - concepts which match the logical model regardless of their lexical content.
  • Logical and Lexical - concepts which match both the logical and lexical models.
  • Logical not Lexical - concepts with the same logical model but which do not conform to the lexical model.