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How to find SNOMED CT concepts by searching for a match to a plain text or SCTID query. Prerequisites: Open one of my tasks (open task as an Author).

Press the Search tab in the Task View - Context Panel tabs list.

The Task View - Context Panel switches to the Text Search form, with a query entry box prompting for at least three characters to be entered.

Below the text query box are two buttons:

  • Status Type shows the concept status type to be included in the search results (default Active Only)
  • Switch to ECL for changing the search type from text/numeric query to ECL

Results listings will appear below these buttons (or the panel will state "No results" for no matches, as seen when first loaded).

An End of Results footer completes the Text Search panel. This presents further actions once results are obtained.

Enter at least three characters in the query box to trigger searching. The application waits for a slight pause in the typing before triggering the search, so multiple words and phrases can be entered if desired.

The results panel shows "Searching..." until all results become available. Some searches with small results sets may be almost instantaneous - larger results sets may take a few seconds to load.

Matches to the search query are then listed, along with the total number of concepts found.

Each result row has the following:

  • Definition Status icon (primitive or fully defined) which also acts as an Information button
  • Fully Specified Name (FSN) of the concept
  • Taxonomy button which opens the concept in the Taxonomy panel (Active concepts only)
  • Add To Saved List button
  • Clone This Concept button
  • Select this result checkbox

There is also a Select All checkbox to the upper right of the listing above the row checkboxes. This selects the entire results set, not just those visible in the results listing (but currently constrained to a maximum of 1000 entries to prevent excessive bulk downloading).

Press Status Type once to switch to inactive concept matches only.

Note the Taxonomy button is replaced by an Inactive Concept status icon in the results listing (the Taxonomy view does not show inactive concepts)

Press Status Type again to show results containing both active and inactive concept matches.

Press Status Type once more to return to active concept matches only.

Pressing Status Type repeatedly will cycle the results sets through the three options:

  • Active Only (default on entering Search)
  • Inactive Only
  • Active and Inactive

Numeric values for text search

Numeric values can be entered in the text query box. If the entered numeric value is an exact match for a SNOMED CT concept SCTID, then that concept will be presented as the only search result.