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How to find SNOMED CT concepts by searching for matches to an ECL query. Prerequisites: Open one of my tasks (open task as an Author)


When in text search mode (default on opening Task View - Search tab), press Switch to ECL.

If previously switched to template search mode, press Switch to Text, then press Switch to ECL.

Enter an ECL expression into the search query box.

Press the Search button to the right of the query box, or press Enter on the keyboard.

Whilst the search is running, the results panel shows "Searching..."

Complex ECL queires

Complex ECL expressions which require analysis of many hundreds or even thousands of nodes may take some time to execute - from a few seconds to a minute or perhaps longer for extreme cases (for instance searching for all leaf nodes in SNOMED CT can take up to a minute).

Working with ECL search results

ECL search results are formatted and presented in the same way as text search results. See Work with large concept search results sets and Act on concept search results for more information.

After obtaining ECL expression search results, the results set can be refined by entering an additional term filter in the query box below the expression. For example the ECL expression >!* returns all concepts that are leaf nodes. By adding an additional term filter a particular set of matching leaf nodes can be found, such as all leaf nodes containing the word "limb" in their FSN.

Changing ECL search parameters triggers the search

Whenever the ECL expression or additional term filter is modified, or the Inferred / Fully Defined / All or All / Primitive / Fully Defined options are changed, a new search will be triggered.

ECL search results can be switched between the Inferred (default) and Stated view.

ECL search results can also be filtered by their Definition Status:

  • All (Primitive and Fully Defined)
  • Primitive
  • Fully Defined