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How to work with large search results sets to view matches beyond the initial page of results, and make ad-hoc selections for downloading in .tsv text file format. Prerequisites: Search for concepts by text or SCTID query or Search for concepts by ECL query or Search for concepts by Template matching.


Selected search results can be downloaded for further local/offline processing or importing into other tools.

Press the Download Selected Results button to the right of the results footer (it will be activated when results are found). This will trigger your web browser download file feature, and prompt to save the search results as a .tsv (tab separated values) text file to your local web browser environment.

Once saved to disk, the results can be viewed in any text editor. The first row has header labels for each item in the results rows below it. Each row contains the following:

  • id (concept SCTID)
  • fsn (concept Fully Specified Name)
  • effectiveTime (SNOMED CT release in which it was published)
  • active (true if active, false if inactive)
  • moduleId (module SCTID)
  • definitionStatus (primitive or fully-defined)

Uncheck Select All and press individual row select checkboxes to make ad-hoc selections of search matches.

Press Load Next 100 in the results footer for large results set to extend the listing with the next 100 results. Each time this is done the listing is expanded to include all the previous results, and a vertical scroll bar will appear to the right of the results panel to allow the list to be scrolled.

Ad-hoc selections are preserved when the next 100 results are loaded, so selections can be added from throughout the entire results set if needed (although a better strategy might be to refine the search query to get a smaller results set).

Once all desired ad-hoc selections are made, press Download Selected Results to save the results as a .tsv file in your local web browser environment.

Open the downloaded .tsv file in any text editor to see that it contains only the selected result entries, regardless of the total number of results.