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How to find SNOMED CT concepts by browsing the taxonomy hierarchies. Prerequisite steps: Open one of my tasks (open task as an Author).

Press the Taxonomy tab in the Task View - Context Panel tabs list.

The Task View - Context Panel switches to the Taxonomy view with a hierarchical tree-node representation of SNOMED CT concepts, based on their parent-child (IS-A) relationships.

Each row in this view represents a hierarchy node, and is preceded by one of two icon buttons:

  • (child nodes expanded)
  • (child nodes collapsed)

Pressing or toggles from one state to the other.

The initial view shows 138875005 |SNOMED CT Concept (SNOMED RT+CTV3)| at the top of the listing, in its expanded presentation, revealing the SNOMED CT top level concepts.

Each taxonomy row also has the following:

  • Primitive or Fully Defined definition status icon
  • Text label showing either the concept FSN or Preferred Term (PT) in the en-US dialect

Press Primitive or Fully Defined to open a concept details pop-up box as described in View concept details when browsing the taxonomy.

Single-Press a node label to load that concept into the edit panel.

Double-Press a node label to change the focus of the taxonomy tree to that concept. This presents the same view as opening a concept in the taxonomy from a Task View - Search result (see Act on concept search results) or Task View - Saved List entry (see Add a concept to my task Saved List and act on saved concepts).

Above the taxonomy listing are two presentation controls:

  • Switch between Inferred View (default) and Stated View
  • Switch between FSN in US (default) and PT in US for the node label text

Navigate down the taxonomy nodes by successively expanding expanding selective child nodes.

When a concept is reached that has no child concepts (ie it is a taxonomy "leaf" node), the row entry is preceded with a icon, indicating that no further expansion is possible.

Any taxonomy node that is visible can be expanded/collapsed independently of the others - changing one node does not affect others previously expanded/collapsed at that level or above - only direct descendants are affected.