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How to save and act on a search result concept for use in a later session by adding it to a task Saved List. Prerequisites: Search for concepts by text or SCTID query or Search for concepts by ECL query or Search for concepts by Template matching.

Press Add to Saved List in a search result. This extends the current Task View - Saved List to include the search result concept, but does not move away from the search results (in case other actions are needed on other results). Once a concept has been added then Add to Saved List is no longer active for that search result (so it can only be added once).

Press Saved List in the Task View header tabs. This opens the Task View - Saved List, showing the concept that was added.

Each item in the list has the following:

  • Primitive or Fully Defined button (status definition icon)
  • Preferred Term
  • View in Taxonomy button
  • Add to Project Favorites button
  • Clone this concept button
  • Remove from Saved List button

Press Primitive or Fully-defined to see the Concept Information (as described in View concept details when browsing the taxonomy).

Press the Preferred Term to open the concept in the Edit Panel.

Press View in Taxonomy to open the Taxonomy view focused on that concept.

Press Add to Project Favorites to extend the Project Favorites List with that concept.

Project favourites are immediately available for all tasks within the same project. If any concepts have been saved as a project favorite in any task within the project, then all tasks int hat project will show the Project Favorites list in their Task View - Saved List (the Task View web page may need to be refreshed to pick up any changes made by others whilst it remains open in the web browser, but it automatically picks up changes when first loaded).

Press Clone this concept to create a new unpublished concept with the same lexical model and logical model content as the search result. This is equivalent to creating a new unpublished concept and entering all of its terms and relationships via search/lookup, so can be quite a time-saver (also see Create a new concept based on a template for another way to quickly create a new concept with pre-defined lexical model and logical model content).

Press Remove from saved list to do just that!

Removing from the Saved List

Pressing Remove from saved list is immediate - no second chance! If done accidentally, it can be restored to the Saved List by returning to Search and adding it back from there.

If the concept has been added to the Project Favorites list it will still appear there - the action only applies to its specific list entry.