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Steps to open the Training Authoring Platform (AP), log in via the Identity Management Service (IMS), and get to the AP Dashboard - My Tasks view.


Go to the Training AP in your web browser.

The Training AP uses the SNOMED International IMS to authenticate and authorise access via a registered account. If you're already registered with an existing SNOMED International Jira/Confluence account which has been granted AP access then you can use those credentials.

If you are not logged in to the AP, your web browser will be redirected to IMS for account authentication and access authorisation. You will see the IMS login screen in your web browser. Enter your account name and password.

If you check the Automatic log in box before pressing Log In, your credentials will be cached, so that your account name and password are automatically entered in the form when you next need to log in.

With your credentials entered, press Log In.

If your credentials cannot be authenticated or your account is not authorised for access to the AP, then IMS will reload the login screen so you can try again with updated credentials.

Once authenticated and authorised, your web browser will then be redirected back to the AP URL which triggered the authorisation and authentication process. At this point you will have an authorised account session cookie in your web browser which means you will no longer be prompted for account credentials until either you have explicitly logged off or closed your web browser.

If the main URL above was used to open the AP, you will then see the appropriate Dashboard - My Tasks view, and a blue notification box will show in the page header stating "All tasks loaded" (the header notification will automatically close after a brief interval, or you can press the X button in its upper right corner to close it manually). The upper left corner of the site header also shows a diagonal ribbon (green/gold) labelled "TRN" to highlight that this is the Training Authoring Platform.

If this is the first time you have used the AP (or all your existing tasks have been either promoted or deleted) then you will see an empty Dashboard listing view. This is where your tasks will be listed once created.

At this point you're in the Training AP and ready to author content in your own tasks or review content created in other tasks by other authors.

Not the Training AP?

If the green and gold "TRN" corner banner is not presented in the upper left corner, please verify the domain name in your browser's address bar, as you may have inadvertently logged into the International AP or a Managed Service AP (perhaps via a bookmarked address) which can look almost identical in style and layout apart from the task names of any previously created tasks. It this is the case, simply logout and start over with the Training AP URL (