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How to add a Task View - Saved List concept to Project Favorites to share it with other authors working on tasks within the same project. Prerequisites: Add a concept to my task Saved List and act on saved concepts.

US spelling

The international Authoring Platform user interface uses en-US spelling for its labelling. Hence the spelling of words such as "favorite" in this guide. Our en-GB readers may have to accept this for some time yet!


In a Task View - Saved List entry, press Add to Project Favorites to extend the Project Favorites list with that concept.

If no project favorites have yet been added then the Task View - Saved List content panel only shows the task saved concepts. After adding at least one saved list item to the Project Favorites, the content panel updates to show the Project Favorites list below the task Saved List.

Changes to the Project Favorites list are immediately available

If any concepts have been saved as a project favorite in any task within the project, then all tasks in that project will show the Project Favorites list in their Task View - Saved List (the Task View web page may need to be refreshed to pick up any changes made by others whilst it remains open in the web browser, but it automatically picks up changes when first loaded.

Each item in the Project Favorites list has the following:

  • Primitive or Fully Defined button (status definition icon)
  • Preferred Term
  • View in Taxonomy button
  • Clone this concept button
  • Remove from Project Favourites button

Project Favorites actions function in exactly the same way as their Saved List counterparts described in Add a concept to my task Saved List and act on saved concepts, with the notable exception of Remove from Project Favorites which does exactly as it says, as soon as it is pressed.

Removing a concept from the Project Favorites list by mistake

If a concept is removed by mistake and it is not in the Task View - Saved List then it is probably wise to go back to Search, add it into the Task View - Saved List, and then add it back into Project Favorites (in case another task within the project still needs to use it).