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How to create a new unpublished concept which will get added to the next release of SNOMED CT (subject to promotion of the task, and subsequent promotion of its project). Prerequisites: Log in to the International Authoring Platform, Open one of my tasks (open task as an Author)

Press Create New Concept at the top of the left-hand menu bar.

A new outline concept is presented in the Edit panel, with a matching outline in the Diagram Panel, containing the following essential elements:

  • Fully Specified Name (FSN)
  • Preferred Term (Synonym)
  • Axiom (containing one Is a relationship)

All three of these must be populated with content before the concept can be saved.

The cursor context is automatically moved to the text box for the Fully Specified Name (FSN), ready to receive its description text.

Enter the text description for the FSN, which must end with a valid SNOMED CT semantic tag (if not valid, warnings will be displayed when saving). The FSN term (without the semantic tag) is automatically copied into the Preferred Term description field.

The default settings for case sensitivity can be adjusted to suit the content at this point, via the options box to the left of the text term on each description row (if the case sensitivity does not match the content, warnings will be displayed when saving).

Enter a target value for the Axiom Is a relationship, by typing in the target value box - once 3 or more characters are entered, type-ahead searching populates a drop-down selection box with matching concepts. Select the desired concept in the options list to be the parent "type" for the new concept.

Drag and drop value setting

Relationship target values can also be populated by drag and drop from Taxonomy, Search Results or Saved List entries.

When the form elements are fully populated (and adjusted from defaults if needed), press Save Concept in the Concept Header. This sends the entered details to the Terminology Server and the concept is assigned a new SCTID.

A Saving new concept notification is presented in the main page header. The diagram view is populated with the FSN and SCTID assigned by the save process.

On completion of the save request, a Concept saved: <fsn-description> page header notification is presented.

Not yet classifed

The diagram default Inferred view at this stage does not show the Axiom is-a relationship. This is because it defaults to the Inferred view, which requires the new concept to be classified to become populated. You can use the buttons in the diagram menu bar to switch the diagram to Authoring Form (AF) or Stated view - either of which shows the relationship regardless of the concept classification status.