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How to add a Description Logic (DL) General Concept Inclusion (GCI) to a concept loaded in the edit panel. Tell me more about... Description Logic (DL). Prerequisite steps: Edit a concept


Open a concept for editing - example: Secondary diabetes mellitus (disorder). The concept header contains the Add GCI Axiom button. The button icon is a solid rounded square containing a "plus" symbol.

Press the Add GCI Axiom button in the concept header. A new General Concept Inclusion panel will appear below the concept relationships containing a single empty Is a attribute.

Drag parent Diabetes mellitus (disorder) as a target for the GCI Is a relationship.

Press the Add New Relationship "plus" button within the GCI panel. Use type-ahead search to enter and select Due to (attribute) as the relationship type.

Use type-ahead search to enter and select Disease (disorder) as the target value for the new Due to attribute.

Save the concept.

Show the stated view of the concept diagram. Diagram shows empty GCI box with reverse subtype indicator.