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How to load an existing concept within the task into the edit panel to enable updates to its descriptions and axiom relationships.

Prerequisite steps: Log in to the International Authoring Platform, Open one of my tasks (open task as an Author), Browse the taxonomy to locate concepts, or Search for concepts by text or SCTID query, or Search for concepts by ECL query, or Search for concepts by Template matching.

New concepts created in the task

New concepts created in the task may be tricky to get back into the Edit Panel if removed but not added to the task Saved List for later easy retrieval. If removed unintentionally before adding to the Saved List, concepts created in the task can be found in the To Review list in the feedback view (even if not yet submitted for review) - from the Feedback View - Preview Panel, each concept's FSN and/or SCTID can be retrieved and used to copy/paste into the text search query box to list it in search results.

Load a concept from the Taxonomy listing: Single-Press a node label to load that concept into the Edit panel.

Load a concept from Search results :Press the search result FSN term (Edit) to open the concept in the Edit panel.

The concept loaded in the Edit panel shows two distinct content panels:

  • Concept Diagram view of the concept in various forms of logical modelling.
  • Concept Editor with its active descriptions and axiom details, and various options for editing/modifying the concept, either via action icon buttons in the concept header (which act on the entire concept) or via controls associated with each description and axiom.

Concept Diagram actions are:

  • View in Taxonomy
  • Open diagram in a new tab
  • View diagram in Authoring Form (AF)
  • View diagram in Stated Form
  • View diagram in Inferred Form

Concept Editor actions available from the concept header for an unpublished concept (one that has been created within the current authoring cycle and hence not yet included in a SNOMED CT release) are:

Left of header bar title (concept FSN):

  • More details
  • Attach template (if template services are enabled for the project)
  • Concept information helper pop-up menu (cut/paste buffer helper)
    • Copy Conceptid
    • Copy FSN
    • Copy FSN and Conceptid
    • Copy Term and Conceptid

Right of header bar title (concept FSN):

  • Save concept
  • Show/hide inactive components
  • Revert to version
  • Delete unpublished concept
  • Switch to inferred view / Switch to Stated view (toggles between the two options)
  • See project version
  • Remove concept (from edit panel)
  • Collapse / Expand the concept component panel

The concept header also includes status display icons for:

  • Shortcuts active
  • Definition status (set by axiom Definition status - if any axiom in the concept is set to Fully defined, then the concept status is Fully defined)

Published concepts have editing constraints

If the loaded concept has been previously published in a SNOMED CT release, the following Edit panel constraints apply to the concept:

  • Published descriptions (those with an Eff. Time value in their More details properties):
    • cannot have their description terms edited;
    • cannot be deleted (but can be inactivated and replaced if needed);
    • cannot have their language and dialect preferences changed.
  • Published axioms (those with an Eff. Time value in their More details properties:
    • cannot be deleted (but can be inactivated and replaced if needed);
    • cannot have their relationship types or target value edited (but entire relationships can be removed and replaced if needed).

Maximum of 10 concepts in Edit panel

The Edit panel can load a maximum of 10 concepts concurrently (for optimal web browser performance). If 10 are already loaded, a header notification will be presented when attempting to load more:

If this limit is reached and another concept needs to be loaded, at least one of the currently displayed concepts must be removed from the Edit panel.

Content panel widths can be adjusted

The Settings and Preferences pop-up panel (available via the top right corner "cogwheel" button) includes a Page Layout visual control which sets the relative widths of the sidebar, model diagram and concept editor panels. If modified and saved, the change will persist for the authenticated user.

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