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Find a previously created task from any AP Dashboard view. Prerequisite steps: See my tasks or See tasks submitted for review (by other authors) or See my projects or See all projects


Press Search Tasks in any Dashboard view left sidebar menu.

The Search Tasks pop-up dialogue is presented, containing a single text query field and a Search action button.

Enter text to match the labels of your tasks, then press Search. You can also search for exact matches to a task ID - but see the note below.

A blue Searching...  prompt box is presented below the search query whilst the server finds matches to the entered text query.

Search for task name matches or for a particular task ID if known

As well as searching for task names (either partially or fully entered in the search query), you can also enter a specific task ID if known. If a task is matched to an ID then only that task is presented in the results panel. Note searching via ID cannot find partial matches - a result will only be found if the entered ID is an exact match to an existing task ID.

On completion of the search, the panel below the search query is populated with the tasks with names (titles) either partially or fully matching the entered text query (or a single exact match to a task ID).

Each matching task result row includes a blue Open in new Tab  icon button, and the task name which is an active link.

Additional information for each task is presented in the same format and styling as the My Tasks view listing.


Press the Open in new Tab  icon button to open the task in a new web browser tab (or window, if set by your personal web browser preferences). This allows the task to be viewed whilst retaining the Task Search dialogue results for further use (to review other task matches, or to modify the query for new search results).



Follow the task name link to open the task in the same web browser tab. This closes the Task Search dialogue and takes you into the task Edit panel view as if the task had been opened from the My Tasks view listing.

Opening via the Task Name link does not preserve search results

There is no second chance if you press a task name link. When the task opens in the Edit panel, the task search results are gone, so the previous search would need to be repeated should you need to get back to them. If this is not desired, please use the Open in new Tab  option!

The task Edit panel view is presented (either in a new tab/window, or replacing the search dialogue in the current tab according to which option is used).