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How to rebase a project to bring in changes from its parent mainline which were promoted from other projects. Rebasing keeps a project synchronized to content changes made in other projects, so that it can itself be promoted to the parent mainline when ready. Prerequisite steps: Open a project

A project becomes diverged from its mainline when the mainline content gets updated after content has been modified within the project, through other projects being promoted to the mainline.

A project may also fall behind its parent mainline branch, when the parent content changes before any changes are made to content within the project.

When either of these situations occur the project becomes eligible for rebasing from its parent mainline branch, to synchronize its content with mainline changes since the project was created.

Diverged projects cannot be promoted

Project promotion is not possible whilst a project is diverged, so periodic rebasing is an important aspect of project management - ideally as soon as possible following divergence (fewer differences make for simpler content merges). Whilst diverged, the Promote  button in the project actions button bar in the upper right corner of the Project View will be inactive (greyed out).


Rebase eligibility is indicated as an active (yellow) Pull in Mainline Changes icon button in the project actions button bar in the upper right corner of the Project View.

Press Pull in Mainline Changes to initiate the rebase process.

The main display panel changes to show a blue "Comparing project to mainline content, please wait just a moment..." full display panel notice (with an animated timer indication that the comparison process is taking place).

If the rebase comparison shows that merging can be completed with no content conflicts, the main display panel changes to show a green "Project can be merged with mainline content without issues, pulling changes in from mainline content..." full display panel notice (with an animated timer indication that the merge process is taking place).

Project rebase issues

Project merges generally complete without issues, however some conditions such as a component integrity issue may occur, for instance where a dependent concept is missing or inactivated unintentionally. These situations may trigger a red alert box overlay in the page header with an indication that technical support should be sought to resolve the problem. The message below shows an example of a missing or inactive referenced concept in an axiom triggering a rebase problem:

If the terminology server encounters such an issue when trying to merge project and mainline content, it may roll back changes to restore the pre-rebase branch states to avoid leaving them in an unusable condition. As the message states, please contact technical support if such an alert occurs.

Once the merges are completed, the main display panel changes to show a green a green "Success! Switching to project view in five seconds..." full display panel notice, which closes automatically after five seconds have elapsed (during which the merges are finalized in the project branch content).

The Project View is reloaded, with the Pull in Mainline Changes (rebase project) button now inactive (greyed out).

At this point the project branch status has been returned to Forward, and changes made within the project are once again eligible for promotion to the mainline.