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How to switch the Taxonomy view to show terms in an extension dialect.

Prerequisite steps: Log in to the International Authoring Platform as an author with extension project access credentials; Open one of my tasks (open task as an Author) within an extension project; Browse the taxonomy to locate concepts

Tell me more about Work in an extension (Managed Service, Community Content and Training Authoring differences).


In the Taxonomy panel, press the Language drop-down selector control in the top right corner of the panel.

A list of language display options are presented for the Fully Specified Name (FSN) and Preferred Term (PT) for each available language/dialect. As an example these are the options for ms-belgium:

  • FSN in US
  • PT in US
  • PT in FR
  • PT in NL

Press an option to select that language/dialect for the Taxonomy listing preferred terms.

Extension language / dialect variations

Each extension will show variations matching the PT dialect options presented when editing a new concept. These are defined in the extension baseline branch metadata when the extension is first setup for authoring - as of March 2020 they are:







Chinese Traditional Medicineen-USen-USzh

Common German Community Projecten-USen-USde

The preferred terms in the Taxonomy listing are updated to show the selected language option.

Preferred terms that are not yet translated

If there is no translated term available in a selected extension language-dialect, the terms will fall back to the en-US PT (required for all concepts), so a mix of the selected language/dialect and en-US terms should be expected until full coverage of PT translations is available for a given extension.