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How to find SNOMED CT concepts by searching for matches to a predefined SNOMED CT concept template and then transform their modelling by applying a different template to them. Prerequisites: Search for concepts by Template matching


When Search by Template results are found (and logical and lexical or logical not lexical is selected), a green Transform button will be presented adjacent to the blue Download Selected Results button at the end of the search results listing.

Press the Transform button to present the Template Transformation pop-up dialogue.

Enter a target template name in the Select Transformation Target field. Type-ahead search results will show name matches after three characters are entered. Pick a template from the available list. The Transform button in the bottom right corner of the dialogue will become active (its background colour changes from grey to blue).

Choose a reason from those presented in the Select Description Inactivation Reason options: Non-conformance to editorial policy (default selected); Outdated component; Erroneous component.

Press Transform to start the transformation, or Cancel to close the dialogue with no changes saved.

The Transforming Concepts notification will occupy the pop-up window. Wait for the transformation to complete. On completion, the pop-up dialogue will close automatically, and view context will change to the Batch Processing tab, showing the selected transformed concept(s), in the same manner as for batch creation from a template.

Use the Edit Full Concept button on the batch entry row to present a "before/after" side-by-side view of the concept transformation. At this point the transformation is only a preview - no changes have been saved. If changes are not what was expected/required, then the previewed concept can be removed from the batch listing using the x button at the start of its row entry in the batch list.

After previewing (and if necessary removing unwanted concept transformations from the batch), press Save All in the upper right corner of the batch view. The Saving Batch pop-up notification will be presented - please wait while the transformation batch is saved, and do not navigate away or refresh the page (as it instructs). Alternatively, should the entire transformation batch need to be abandoned, press the Discard All button in the batch view. This will cancel the batch transformation and no changes will be made to the concepts.

After the transformation batch has been saved, press the blue Return to Task button to close the Saving Batch pop-up notification.

At this point the template transformations are complete, and the selected concepts are changed in the task. The view context remains on the Batch Processing tab - from here proceed as needed to other AP features (for instance to task review for approval of the concept transformations - the transformed concepts will appear in the feedback tab To Review list).