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How to modify a Description Logic (DL) General Concept Inclusion (GCI) already in a concept loaded in the edit panel. Tell me more about... Description Logic (DL). Prerequisite steps: Edit a concept

With a GCI present in the concept edit panel (eg via the steps above), use the Add GCI Axiom button in the concept header to add a new GCI to the edit panel. Drag and drop the concept parent Diabetes mellitus (disorder) as the target for the new GCI Is a relationship.

Using the Add General Concept Inclusion button in the concept header, add another GCI to the concept edit panel.

Press the Add New Relationship "plus" button within the GCI panel to add a new relationship. Use type-ahead search to enter and select Associated with (attribute) as the relationship type.

Use type-ahead search to enter and select (for instance) Disorder of endocrine system (disorder)as the target value for the new Associated with relationship.

Save the new GCI via the concept header Save Concept button.

Modify the original GCI, for example using type-ahead search to find and select Alteration in nutrition (finding) as a new target for the Due to attribute.

Press Save in the concept header to save the GCI attribute changes.

Confirm the changes via the Stated view of the concept diagram.