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How to work with acceptability settings for terms in a context-specific language reference set which may be imported into an extension.

Prerequisite steps: Log in to the Authoring Platform as an author with extension project access credentials; Open one of my tasks (open task as an Author) within an extension project.

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When working in a task within a Managed Service extension, context-specific language reference set acceptability entries can be enabled in Concept Editor within the Edit Panel, by selecting from a list of those available in the author's Settings and Preferences.

From the Task View, press the cogwheel  icon in the upper right of the page header, to open the Settings and Preferences pop-up dialogue.

When context-specific language reference sets are available, they are listed above the Page Layout section. Each entry has a checkbox to enable display of those entries in the Concept Editor.

Check the box for the desired entry, then press Save  in the Setting and Preferences dialogue.

The Settings and Preferences dialogue closes, and a header notification for "Application preferences updated" is presented.

With the settings saved, and an appropriate concept loaded into the Edit Panel, the language acceptability entries for each term are updated to include those for the selected context-specific language reference set (abbreviated in the same style as the other language acceptability entries).

Hovering over one of the newly presented entries presents a tooltip which expands the full name of the context-specific language reference set and the acceptability setting.

Creating new concept entries

These entries can be used in the same way as the other acceptability settings which are always present in the Edit Panel.

If a new concept is created, or a new description is added to an existing concept, and a value is set for one of the context-specific settings, a new entry will be created in the appropriate context-specific language reference set within the task branch, in exactly the same way as those for the other language reference set acceptability settings.

The default entry for these in the Concept Editor for new concepts is Not Acceptable.

Editing/saving an existing setting will also update the corresponding existing context-specific language reference set entry.