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How to view extension module details in a new or existing extension concept.

Prerequisite steps: Log in to the Authoring Platform as an author with extension project access credentials; Open one of my tasks (open task as an Author) within an extension project; Create a new concept

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With the new concept loaded in the Edit Panel, press the More details icon button to the left of the concept header.

The More Details pop-over dialogue shows the extension Module Id for the new concept. The example shows a Belgian module concept.

Press any description row More details icon button (to the left of the description row) to see a similar pop-over for each description.

The example shows a Belgian module concept, in which the fr and nl languages can also be seen in the Lang. (language reference set) setting for each translated description, as well as its extension Module Id. Note that en:US is the language reference set for the FSN and first PT.

No SCTID information until new concept is saved

The examples above show a new extension module concept that has not yet been saved, so their SCTID values are empty in the More Details pop-over dialogues.

Once a new concept has been saved, the appropriate SCIDs will be shown for the concept and its descriptions, which can also be seen to contain the namespace identifier for the extension module (1000172 for the Belgian extension namespace).

Closing information pop-overs

Press the More details icon button to toggle its related pop-over open/closed. Press anywhere in the Edit Panel outside a pop-over box to close all open pop-overs.