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File upload reference examples for extension language/dialect description additions, changes, and inactivations.

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Preparing translation content for import

Google sheets can be used to quickly generate .tsv files from a worksheet tab, via its File > Download > Tab separated values (current sheet) menu function. Google sheets also offers useful file sharing and commenting options, so can be an efficient approach to defining, reviewing, and refining extension translation terms prior to importing into the Authoring Platform.

Description Additions

Concept IDGB/US FSN Term (For reference only)Translated TermLanguage CodeCase significanceTypeLanguage reference setAcceptabilityLanguage reference setAcceptabilityLanguage reference setAcceptability
706690007Web-based application software (physical object)Me tono rorohiko-a-paetukutukumicISYNONYMMaoriPREFERRED    
706689003Application programme software (physical object)He raupaparorohiko raupaparorohikomicISYNONYMMaoriPREFERRED    
442376007Test with result pending (observable entity)Whakamatau me te hua ka tatarimicISYNONYMMaoriPREFERRED    

Reference file: NZ-translations-template - Description Additions.tsv

Description Changes 

Description IDTerm (For reference only)Case significanceTypeLanguage reference setAcceptabilityLanguage reference setAcceptabilityLanguage reference setAcceptability
70056012Insertion of catheter into heart chambercISYNONYMNZ EnglishACCEPTABLEUS EnglishACCEPTABLEGB EnglishACCEPTABLE
3658267015Inflammatory disorder due to increased blood urate levelciSYNONYMNZ EnglishPREFERREDUS EnglishACCEPTABLEGB EnglishACCEPTABLE

Reference file: NZ translations-template - Description Changes.tsv

Description Inactivations 

Description IDTerm (For reference only)Inactivation ReasonAssociation Target ID1Association Target ID2Association Target ID3Association Target ID4
51691000210118GDM-Gestational diabetes mellitus screeningErroneous    
51631000210119Screening for diabetes mellitus during pregnancyOutdated    

Reference file: NZ translations-template - Description Inactivations.tsv