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How to find SNOMED CT concepts by searching for a match to Chinese character queries. Prerequisites: Search for concepts by text or SCTID query (in an extension configured to use the Chinese [International Organization for Standardization 639-1 code zh] language reference set).


In the Task View - Context Panel tab, when alternative language reference sets are available. the search panel shows additional options for:

  • Language Refsets  reference set selection (combination checklist)
  • Filter by term (single choice selector)

The language reference set selection controls which results to include, and the term choice decides which language is used to search and present the results.


To search using Chinese queries, first select Filter by PT in ZH.

Enter a character in the query box to trigger searching.

The results panel shows "Searching..." until all results become available. Some searches with small results sets may be almost instantaneous - larger results sets may take a few seconds to load.

Only one character needed

Since a character-based writing system such as Chinese can associate each logogram with an entire sound or phrase, the three-character minimum used to optimise type-ahead search phrases for other languages and dialects does not apply when Filter by PT in ZH is selected. This will however be re-applied if the Filter by selection is changed to a non-Chinese option (for instance FSN in US).


Term matches to the search query are then listed, along with the total number of concepts found.

Use the Act on concept search results and Work with large concept search results sets features as needed.

Editing the query will immediately trigger a search and present an updated results set (due to the relaxed trigger requirement of only a single character when Filter by PT in ZH is selected).