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The MRCM Maintenance Tool supports browsing, creation, testing, review and publication of MRCM rules used in the SNOMED CT Authoring Platform and included in SNOMED CT releases for conformance checking.

Key uses include:

  • Browsing the MRCM rules
    The current release MRCM rule set can be browsed by anyone with a SNOMED International Confluence account. This feature supports and enhances the SNOMED CT Editorial Guide via links to interactive navigation of published rules.
  • Maintain MRCM rules (Version 1.1.0+)
    The SNOMED International Content Team will use the tool to review, create, modify, inactivate and promote MRCM rule changes.
  • Version and Publish MRCM rules (version 1.1.0+)
    The SNOMED International Content Team will version and publish MRCM rules in files that conform to the MRCM reference set specifications.

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