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How to view translated description extension module details for a published concept.

Prerequisite steps: Log in to the Authoring Platform as an author with extension project access credentials; Open one of my tasks (open task as an Author) within an extension project; Edit a concept.

Tell me more about Working in an extension (Managed Service and Training Authoring differences).


With an International published concept loaded into the editor, view the concept descriptions.

Translated terms appear as individual descriptions set to be the Preferred Term (PT) for the languages / dialects available in a specific SNOMED CT extension.

The example shown here is the International published concept 418019003 | Accidental event (event)| which was loaded by searching for the French word "événement" and pressing "événement accidentel" in the search results.

Note the language / dialect acceptability settings for each description row:

  • The first description is always the Fully Specified Name (FSN). This is always defined as Preferred in the en-US dialect.
  • The second description is the International Edition PT, which is defined as a SYN (synonym) set to Preferred in the en-US dialect.
  • The third description is the French language PT, which is defined as a SYN set to Preferred in the fr language.
  • The fourth description is the Dutch language PT, which is defined as a SYN set to Preferred in the nl language.

Extensions may have a mix of languages and dialects

Although the example here for Belgian translations show two languages (fr and nl) there are various combinations supported by the Authoring Platform Edit view, which are defined when a Managed Service extension is first setup. The editor will only show the defined options for a given extension. As of March 2020 these are:







Chinese Traditional Medicineen-USen-USzh

Common German Community Projecten-USen-USde

Use the More details buttons on the description rows to compare details for the various concept descriptions:

  • The FSN and en-US PT are defined in the SNOMED CT core module with Lang. setting en.
  • The extension translated PTs are defined in the Belgian module, with Lang. settings fr and nl respectively.
  • The SCTID of each translated PT contains the Belgian extension namespace identifier: 1000172.

Since this is an International Edition published concept the More Details panels include an Eff. Time (Effective Time) value (the release of SNOMED CT in which they were last published). The Effective Time for extension descriptions will be the last publication date for their extension, whereas the FSN and en-US PT show International Edition release dates. As can be seen in this example, the description Effective Time may differ from that of the concept itself.