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How to promote a project to to include its changes in the next SNOMED CT release. This process updates the project mainline with the changes made at the project level, which can then be shared with other projects via their subsequent rebase from the mainline.

Prerequisites: Open a project or Open the parent project for my task. Any defined Project-level Service Acceptance Criteria (SAC) must be satisfied to enable project promotion. The project SAC configuration is set by those with the PROJECT_MANAGER access role.


Project-level SAC are presented in the Project View as two lists within the Acceptance Criteria accordion-style expandable/collapsible content section, located below the Project Details and above the Classification Results section.

Automated Project-level SAC are listed to the left, with Manual Project-level SAC to the right.

Automated SAC have a yellow warning triangle icon if not yet met, and a green tick if their automated system checks confirm they are satisfied.

Manual SAC are presented initially as open checkboxes, each of which can be interactively signed-off (green-ticked) when the user's role-based access permissions match those configured for that SAC control.

For many projects it may be appropriate to only enable Manual SAC. In this case the Automated Criteria heading is still present, but that list is empty, and the project may then be promoted when all Manual SAC are signed-off.

Particular manual SAC require a specific role to be able to sign-off, such as PROJECT_LEAD, so more than one person may be needed to get all SAC satisfied, and those without a required role will see the current status of those SAC, but will not be able to change it.

SAC Definitions and Acceptance Roles

With more frequent delivery of SNOMED CT releases, project-level SAC are an essential aspect of the International Edition content quality control process. However, it is technically feasible for projects not to have project-level SAC defined, and some may have Manual SAC but no Automated SAC or vice versa.

Project-level (and task-level) SAC definitions can be set by those who have the PROJECT_MANAGER role, usually in close consultation with those in the PROJECT_LEAD and RELEASE_LEAD roles.

Individual user accounts may also be granted more than one access control role (via membership of the appropriate access control groups).

When all mandatory project-level SAC are satisfied, the project is not diverged, and the project configuration enables promotion, the Promote button will be active for those with the PROJECT_LEAD role.

Press Promote to promote the project contents to the mainline branch.

A "Preparing for project promotion..." notification is presented in the page header.

On completion of the promotion process, a "Project successfully promoted for <project-id>" notification is presented in the page header, and the Project-level SAC are reset (if so configured in their definition - see the info panel), ready for the next cycle of project content updates. 

SAC reset on promotion

Usual configuration practice is to set Project-level SAC to automatically reset to the "unsatisfied" state when project content is promoted to the parent mainline branch. This is in anticipation of subsequent, often repeated, project content updates from its authoring tasks, within each mainline release version authoring cycle. Such resetting ensures that these checks are re-confirmed before promoting project content, and hence reduces the risk of unexpected content changes reaching the project mainline.

However, since this is a configuration option, there may be scenarios in which the "satisfied" status is maintained across project promotions once it has been set. Such authoring process decisions are the remit of those with the PROJECT_MANAGER and/or PROJECT_LEAD role(s) to identify and confirm for the relevant content releases.