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How to narrow down the All Projects listings to only show those in particular categories.

Prerequisite steps: Log in to the Authoring Platform as an author with access roles encompassing multiple project categories; See all projects

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In the Dashboard - All Projects view, when an author has access roles granted in projects which span more than a single category, a drop-down selector will appear to the right of the Search All Projects query slot in the view header.

The default selection is All (to search all projects).

Entering a query will trigger a type-ahead search of all projects after each character is entered. Keep typing to narrow down the results set as the query becomes more defined.

Project search queries and matches

The All Projects search query will return any project that matches the query string in any of the following project details, not just the project name: 

  • key (project key)
  • title (project name)
  • project lead (account name)
  • project lead (display name)

Press the caret-down   icon button to the right-hand side of the category selector to show a drop-down list of project categories.

Select a category.

The search results are filtered to only show projects matching the search query which are also in the selected category.

If more than one category is available, select another to filter the same query on a different category. The results then only show those matching the query which are also in the new selected category.