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This page documents resources, links, and other information to support the IHTSDO Refset Management & Translation Tool. 

Admin Documentation

Technical Documentation

High-level Documentation

Application Features

User Documentation

Developer Documentation


Use this Training Template for the tour/videos pages.

Availability - IN PUBLIC BETA

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  1. Hi, It seems that translation videos and Migration Refset videos are not available. (When) will they be?


    1. I will find out where they've gone! Brian Carlsen any idea?

      1. Checking into it - thinking maybe the video just didn't get properly linked.

  2. The training video links are above on the page under Training.  They are working for me and they link to YouTube videos.  Let me know if you are having trouble accessing them.

    1. Hi, this is what I see at those links:

  3. OK.  Appears it was a permissions issue.  I fixed it in our YouTube account and it is working for me now when I test in incognito mode.


    1. Working now, thanks.