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The translation service is responsible for operations related to managing Translations.

Internal API - TranslationServiceJpa (extends RefsetServiceJpa)

Lower level calls of the internal API include: 

  • Add/update/remove/get/find Translation(s)
  • Add/update/remove/get/find/synch Concept(s)
  • Add/update/remove/get Description(s)
  • Add/update/remove/get LanguageRefsetMember(s)
  • Add/update/remove/get/find Memory entries
  • Add/update/remove Phrase memory
  • Add/update/remove Spelling dictionary
  • Compute preferred name
  • Resolve language description types
  • Stage translation
  • Lookup concept names
  • Get case sensitivity types
  • Get description types
  • Get language description types

REST API - TranslationServiceRest

This is a very large REST API because it supports many of the application functions.

The public facing methods of the translation service include:

  • Add/update/remove/get/find Translation(s)
  • Add/update/remove/removeAll/get/find TranslationConcept(s)
  • Add/update/remove TranslationNote(s)
  • Add/update/remove TranslationConceptNote(s)
  • Add/clear/copy/export/find/import/remove Phrase memory
  • Add/clear/copy/export/get/import/remove Spelling dictionary and/or entries
  • Begin/cancel/resume/finish import concepts
  • Compare translations
  • Export concepts
  • Find concepts in common
  • Get diff report
  • Get export translation handlers
  • Get field filters
  • Get import translation handlers
  • Get language description types
  • Get lookup progress
  • Start lookup concept names
  • Get origin for staged translation
  • Recover translation
  • Release report token
  • Suggest batch spelling/batch translation/spelling/translation
  • n/a
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