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The release service is responsible for operations related to releasing refsets and translations as well as accessing release artifacts of previously released refsets and translations.

Internal API - ReleaseServiceJpa (extends ProjectServiceJpa)

Lower level calls of the internal API include:


  • Add/update/remove/get a ReleaseInfo object (information about a release)
  • Add/update/remove/get a ReleaseArtifact (not including the data).


REST API - ReleaseServiceRest

This is a good example of a service that has a much richer "business logic" layer at the REST level than is used by the internal service API.

The public facing methods of the security service include:


  • Begin/validate/resume/cancel/beta/finish Refset release process
  • Begin/validate/resume/cancel/beta/finish Translation release process
  • Import/export ReleaseArtifact data
  • Find Refset releases
  • Find Translation releases
  • Get current Refset release info
  • Get current Translation release info
  • Remove a ReleaseArtifact
  • Remove a ReleaseInfo object


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