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Documents the published and beta translations that are available for browsing by the public, without requiring access to editing credentials.  


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Published and Beta translations share the same format.  Translation details can be displayed by selecting the translation on the left page panel and the translation details are displayed on the right panel of the page.  Translation concepts for the selected translation are displayed under the list of translations.


Features for public users

  • Paging and searching of translations and translation concepts
  • Latest/All - Latest displays only the most recent release of the translation.  All displays all releases of the translation.
  • Feedback action - Allows viewer to submit a translation related comment to a recipient at a given email address.
  • Download release
  • Download translation concepts
  • Filter translation concepts to display those with notes
  • Display concept details and context hierarchy for a selected translation concept
  • Navigate concept hierarchy on Concept Details pane
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