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Documentation on releasing a translation.


  • For releasing a translation, the user must have at least one concept translated and the review workflow phase(s) must be complete.

Releasing a Translation

To release a translation follow these steps:

  • Log into the tool (
  • Select the "Translation" tab or the "Directory" tab.
  • Ensure that your project role is the final reviewer in your project's workflow.
  • Choose the Translation you want to release.
  • Ensure that all concepts to be released are in a Finished state.
  • Click the 'Mark ready for publication' icon for each concept that will be released.
  • Concepts that are ready for publication move into the Finished Concepts list

  • Start the release process by clicking the release icon next to the translation to be released.

  • Complete the Release Translation form.  Click Release.

  • Click through to validate the release and create the beta release.
  • The beta release can be viewed in the 'Releases' accordion.
  • Click the release icon to finalize the release.
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