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Documentation on importing and exporting refsets.


  • For importing refset members, a user must have a Refset (see Creating a Refset).

Exporting Refset Members

To export a refset follow these steps:

    • Log into the tool (
    • Select the "Refset" tab or the "Directory" tab.
    • Choose the Refset you want to export and the Refset Members will be displayed in the table below.

    •  Click on the "Export refset members" icon
    • Fill in the "Export Refset Members" form

    • Double click on the downloaded file displayed on your browser frame or open the Downloads directory on your computer to find the exported file.

Importing Refset Members

To import a refset follow these steps:

  • Log into the tool (
  • Select the "Refset" tab.
  • If the refset into which you want to import the refset members is not yet assigned to the user, assign it.
  • Choose the "Assigned" accordion
  • Select the refset that will contain the refset members.  Note: the refset must be an extensional refset.

  • There may already be some refset members or the Refset may be empty.  Either way, click on the "Import refset members" icon.
  • Fill in the "Import Refset Members" form.  Select the I/O Handler that matches the input file format.  Browse to find and select the input file.

  • Click 'Import'.
  • View imported refset members in Refset Member table.

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