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The project service is responsible for operations related to managing Projects as well as interacting with the terminology server integration.

Internal API - ProjectServiceJpa

Lower level calls of the internal API include: 

  • Add/update/remove/get/find Project
  • Get identifier assignment handler - the IHTSDO Component Identifier Service integration
  • Get terminology handler  - the IHTSDO Terminology Server integration

REST API - ProjectServiceRest

This is a good example of a service that has a much richer "business logic" layer at the REST level than is used by the internal service API.

The public facing methods of the project service include:

  • Add/update/remove/get/find Project
  • Assign a User to a Project
  • Unassign a User from a Project
  • Find assigned/unassigned Users for a Project
  • Get/find concept(s)
  • Get concept parents/children
  • Get icon configuration (for displaying flags)
  • Get log (for displaying the log)
  • Get modules (for displaying modules in a picklist)
  • Get project roles (for displaying in a picklist)
  • Get replacement concepts (for migrating retired concepts to replacements on a version change)
  • Get terminology editions/versions
  • Get standard description types
  • Determine if a user has a role on any project (for controlling tabs in the UI)
  • Get google translation
  • Test terminology handler url
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