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Documentation on importing and exporting translations.


  • For importing refset members, a user must have a Refset (see Creating a Refset).

Exporting a Translation

To export a translation follow these steps:

  • Log into the tool (
  • Select the "Translation" tab or the "Directory" tab.
  • Choose the Translation you want to export and the Translation Concepts (or Finished Concepts in the case of Translations that are still being edited) will be displayed in the table below.

  •  Click on the "Export refset members" icon
  • Fill in the "Export Translation" form

  • Double click on the downloaded file displayed on your browser frame or open the Downloads directory on your computer to find the exported file.

Importing a Translation

To import a translation follow these steps:

  • Log into the tool (
  • Select the "Translation" tab.
  • Choose the "Editing" accordion
  • Select the translation into which the translation concepts will be imported.

  • There may already be some concepts or the Translation may be empty.  Either way, click on the "Import translation concepts" icon.
  • Fill in the "Import Translation" form.  Select the I/O Handler that matches the input file format.  Browse to find and select the input file.
  • For input Rf2, the input file will be a zip file that contains both a Refset Language file and a Description file.

  • Click 'Import'.
  • View imported concepts in Finished Concepts table.


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