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Documentation on adding users and setting project roles.

Adding Users

In the deployed IHTSDO Refset Management and Translation Tool, user management is primarily done through IMS (backed by Atlassian Crowd).   The application leverages single sign-on so a user will need an account on that system with either a "refset-user" or "refset-administrator" role.

When a user logs into the refset tool for the first time, a local "user" object is created if one does not already exist.


Now, if a project ADMIN wants to set up users and roles prior to those users having logged in or having even been given IMS accounts, that is possible as well.  From the "Admin" tab, an administrator can create "user" objects and then assign them roles on projects.  When that user finally does log in, as long as the username matches, their info from IMS will be synchronized with the local user object and their roles on projects will be in place already.

Setting User Roles

This is done in the "User & Project Management" section of the Admin tab.

  1. First, choose a project
  2. On the right you will see "unassigned users" and "assigned users"
  3. To assign a user a role: 
    1. Find the user (serch by name or username)
    2. Set the "Project Role" 
    3. Click the + icon
    4. The user will move from "unassigned" section to "assigned"
  4. To unassign a user, click the trashcan icon next to their user in "assigned users"
  5. To change the role of a user, unassign them, and then reassign them with a new role.

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