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There is no mechanized process for upgrading a translation to a new version.  This page describes the steps required to update a translation.


  • An translation must exist based on an existing refset which provides its scope definition.

Updating a translation

The refset is the scope definition for the translation.  The typical case for handling a new version would be to include the "new" concepts in that version in the refset so they would become available for translation.

The process is as follows:

  1. Find the "new" concepts in the new version of SNOMED that belong in the reference set, but which weren't available with the previous version.
  2. Edit the refset that goes with the translation
    • update the version to the new version
      • On the refset tab, select the refset to be augmented.
      • Click the pencil icon to display the Edit Refset form.
      • Modify the version field, and click 'Test' to validate the new version.
      • Click the 'Save' button on the Edit Refset form.
    • add the "new" concepts
      • On the refset tab, select the refset on which the translation is based.
      • Next to the 'Reference Members' header, click the  'Add refset member list'  icon.
      • Enter the list of new concepts that need to be added to the refset and translation.  Click the 'Add' button.
  3. The added concepts show up on the Refset tab in the Refset Member list.  They also show up on the Translation tab as "Available" for editing in the translation which is based on the augmented refset.


Why don't we 'migrate' translations?

The translation release is only descriptions.  Concepts that become inactive in a new release in the underlying refset still have active descriptions.  Even an inactive concept still needs a preferred name in a language.  Inactive descriptions can't be a preferred name.  Therefore, nothing needs to be changed in the translation.  The translation can simply be re-released with the new date.  Concepts that are new in a release can be added to the underlying refset and translated as needed using the process above 'Updating a translation'.

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