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External refsets are not developed or maintained in the IHTSDO Refset Management & Translation Tool.  Rather external refsets are listed as pointers to refsets that are hosted elsewhere.  

A URL is provided for each external refset indicating where the reference set can be obtained.  Many of the features of the the IHTSDO Refset Management & Translation Tool do not apply to external refsets.


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Creating an External Refset

To add an external refset follow these steps:

  • Fill out the "Add Refset" dialog and select "EXTERNAL" as the Type.  Enter the URL that points to the external refset.

Viewing an External Refset

External refsets are distinguished by the icon.


  • The external refset can be referenced by clicking on the Refset Details External Url link displayed on the right side above.
  • External refsets do not have any refset members and adding/editing members is not supported.
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