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Documentation on assigning users to a project


The user must be an ADMIN on an existing project

Adding Users

In the IHTSDO deployment of the tools, a user will automatically be added simply by logging in (and their information will be pulled from the IHTSDO crowd server).  If a user has not yet logged in and needs to be added, this can also be done.

To add a user who does not yet exist:

  • Log into the tool (
  • Select the "Admin" tab

  • Open the "Users" accordion:

  • Then click the "Add User" button along the right.

  • Fill out the form and click the "Add" button. As user information is pulled from Crowd, the values for "name" and "email" and "application role" will be replaced when the user next logs in.  Make sure to enter their correct username (it should be the same as for their access to this wiki page).

Assigning Users

To assign users to a project, the user should:

  • Log into the tool (
  • Select the "Admin" tab

  • Scroll to the "User & Project Management" section and select a project to edit users for. The project list will include only projects on which this user has priveleges to perform the action.

  • To the right of this section, there will be "unassigned" and "assigned" users lists.  To assign an unassigned user, choose a role for that user on this project and click the "+" icon.

  •   To unassign an existing user, find the "Assigned Users" section and click the trashcan icon by the corresponding users name.  This will remove them from having a role on the project.





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