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This page documents the use of admin tools to run quality assurance script against the data.


  • MySQL database must already exist (e.g. "refset").  
  • MySQL database connection parameters must be defined in the properties file specified by "refset.config".
  • The file system directory specified by the "" in the properties file specified by refset.config must exist.
  • IMPORTANT: The Tomcat server must not be running while this is invoked, otherwise indexes can get corrupted.


This tool is used to validate data states in the database.  The tool runs a series of SQL queries to validate certain aspects of referential integrity or data quality that are not easily validated by unique or foreign key constraints.  The tool is currently configured without any such queries.

Following are some details about the implementation of this tool:

Mojo: (in admin/src/main/resources/java/org/ihtsdo/otf/refset/mojo)
Project: admin
Configuration Parameters

  • Profile "Database"
  • refset.config - the standard configuration file specified as a -D parameter


Sample command line call of the admin tool to recreate a database, clear indexes,  and load sample data:

% cd /home/ihtsdo/refset/code/admin
% mvn install -PDatabase -Drefset.config=/home/ihtsdo/refset/config/


If the script reports errors, the underlying data conditions should be fixed.

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