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Target release daten/a
Implementation StatusIN DEV
Document owner

Rory Davidson, Robert Turnbull

Release Goals

  • Provide a tool that enables the management & creation of reference sets against the International edition of SNOMED CT and Member extensions.
  • Provide a directory of existing reference sets that can be searched and downloaded to be used by others

Existing components to be used

General Requirements

  Category Summary Notes
1 Directory The directory solution will contain reference sets that currently exist on the IHTSDO Terminology Server against the SNOMED CT International Release Question as to how this sits alongside the international edition of SCT and 'official' reference sets
2 Directory The directory solution will contain reference sets that currently exist on the IHTSDO Terminology Server against the Member Country extensions that are available Question to the feasibility of having multi-tenancy in this solution
3 Directory The directory solution will contain reference sets that are not on the IHTSDO Terminology Server This would mean storing reference set metadata, but also a reference to where the reference set can be sourced from
4 Directory The directory solution will allow a user to search reference sets based on the reference set members If a user searches for a concept, they should be shown all the reference sets containing that concept for those reference sets which the solution has direct access to (i.e. those on the IHTSDO Terminology Server)
5 User Accounts A new user can authenticate with the solution using the IHTSDO tooling account The solution will use the IHTSDO Identity Management Service to authenticate an existing user
6 Refset Specification The specification of a refset should be implemented through the IHTSDO Query Syntax  
7 Import

The system must be able to import existing reference sets in a number of formats including:

  • RF2
  • csv (list of ID's)


8 Export The system must be able to export a published reference set in rf2 format Open question as to whether this should also include other (simpler to digest) formats including csv
9 Refset Creation A user with the right permissions, can create a new reference set through selecting concepts one by one, the 'pick-list' approach  
10 Refset Creation A user can create a new reference set based upon a query, or intensional reference sets.  
11 Refset Version Diff Between different versions of the base SNOMED CT release, the user should be able to see the impact of the new version of the release on the reference set  
12 Refset Version Diff The user should be able to accept changes after the impact of a new release and produce a new version of the reference set  

Member Requirements 

The following document is a list of the requirements which were gathered from Members during 2013 and is based upon requirements for reference set functionality in the IHTSDO Workbench.

  Category Summary In Release Scope Notes
1 Refset specification Need to reuse the refset specification (i.e. must persist Wants to share a refset spec with other NRCs, therefore needs to be able to “release” a refset spec Expects IHTSDO to facilitate a ‘member exchange’ for refset specs; has submitted a Tracker item for this    
2 Refset specification

To be able to rerun the spec to create new instance e.g. after SNOMED CT changes, to find the differences that need to be managed

3 Refset specification

Use refset spec to adjust refset content automatically

4 Workflow

Needs to be a basic workflow which allows the import/creation of resets, adjusting content to changes to SCT and to producing release files

5 Import

Needs the ability to import refsets developed outside the tool (including from other member countries) into the tool

6 Replacements for deprecated content

Tool should suggest replacements for deprecated content based on historical associations at SCT version change

7 Metadata

Include in the Refset display metadata info the SNOMED CT Version used for creation of the refset. Allow for adding a note to remember this is not the latest version when not working with the latest version. Add the refset version as well in each output of the refset: list, file, specification or otherwise.

8 Rule based creation

Allow to build a refset on searching for specific terms additionally to use of other clauses (such as constraint on a hierarchy or sub-hierarchy)


Allow multiple selection of concepts (e.g.: from an imported list) and selection of a clause to apply to those as a group rather than individually (e.g.: list of concepts to exclude + all of their descendants. Add a specification to an imported list where we would apply to all concepts the ‘Kind of’ clause.)

10 Rule based creation


o Add Code and children: Does not exist. Can this be created rather than using 2 clauses jointly: Concept is clause + Concept is child of clause.
o With Property: Does not exist. Indicates that the line filters to include codes that have the specified property and/or property value.
o Content Below: Does not exist. Includes the value set nested deeper in the hierarchy appearing directly beneath this one. Allows the unioning or excluding of a complex value set content definition.
o Child Value sets Only: Does not exist. The value set is determined solely by the "child domain" value sets. The tab is included only to define value set metadata such as value set name and OID
o Specializations of Root Concept: Does not exist. Includes all codes in the code system subsumed by the root concept code.

11 Rule based creation

Allow creation of default refset clauses specification templates so we would never start from scratch (for different basic use cases)


Allow different sorting option for the selected descriptions in a specification (alpha, alpha+FSN or alpha+PT, per hierarchy, per sub-hierarchy, etc)


Allow adding a specification to an imported list of concepts created as a refset

14 Cloning refsets

When cloning
o all clauses must be cloned as well

o automatically create a name for the Clone o In the cloned refset, mention the original refset this one was cloned from


Activate or not the mandatory date as a user preference and allow flags to inform the user :
o Activate one for the overall refset creation cycle
o Activate and enter date for each user and user role for review and action in the workflow.


When inactivating a concept, make sure all components are being inactivated/cleared and the concept no longer shows in the Taxonomy. Allow creating another refset with same name.


Allow creation of a naming convention template for creation of refse

18 Comments / feedback

When adding a comment to a refset, discrepancy between the selected concept and the one where the comment is added. Make sure alignment is 100% effective when selecting a concept and acting on it


Allow to create other than Translation Project where the same concept can be included in many refsets. Allow to display a warning message when a concept (if many, group them in a logical manner if possible) is in many refsets provide metadata as to the refsets name, version, etc.