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The Terminology Module provides an overview and guide to the FHIR resources, operations, coded data types and externally-defined standard and FHIR-defined terminologies that are used for representing and communicating coded, structured data in the FHIR core specification and profiles. Collectively, these capabilities are used to provide the terminology service functionality required for supporting the use of coded data in FHIR resources throughout the specification as described in the other modules. []

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  1. That page needs updating!  In particular, the final section (4.0.5 Developmental Roadmap) is about 18 months old.

    1. Is that a collaborative work item proposal Peter? (smile)

      1. No, just an observation (in the non-clinical sense) and a FHIR specification issue that I need to raise in gForge...

  2. A question about access/permissions on this space - should they be more open to allow people to create new pages / edit existing ones?  If not, then what's the best way of providing content for new topics or into a page itself (rather than the comments)

    1. Yes, I've checked the box for allowing all users to create pages in this space.   There isn't a permission checkbox for "editing" so I might need to look into that further - can you try it and see please Michael?