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A number of nations and organisations have FHIR based terminology services as implementation services for SNOMED CT and other terminologies and code systems. For example Canada have the Terminology Gateway and Australia have the NCTS which serve similar purposes.

The purpose of this page is to start a registry of these efforts and a place where experiences and approaches can be shared, and hopefully commonality can be achieved where fitting via collaboration.

Please share other similar efforts, point out areas of potential collaboration/standardisation, and of course any questions.

A list of the group's own servers along with the features supported by each can be found here:  Features of Known Servers

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  1. The NZ Ministry of Health along with the SNOMED Implementation Working Group are currently discussing this. Not only discussing techincal topics, I think it would be great to propose a concept of national terminology services registry:

    • Plain English capability table
      • features and benefits
      • minimum requirements of a successful approach
        • Functional
        • Technical
        • Governance
    • Proposed product roadmap/s
      • Capabilities
    • Lessons learned / collaborative community

    Interested in other peoples thoughts on this

  2. Here's a starting point for a list of (mostly SNOMED-relevant) features of a FHIR terminology service.  I'd have created a page for this, but no permissions

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  3. Support for the terminology-specific operations

    Support for the ExpansionProfile resource

    1. Good calls.

      I'd like to make this an editable table for you / others but I have no permissions

      1. Sorry about that, I will address.