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How can I get a list of CodeSystems installed on a Terminology Server?

<base_url>/CodeSystem eg

(further discussion needed on distinction as to a) whether the code system is present on the server and b) whether it is possible to be used a the substrate for an expansion operation)

What FHIR Servers can I try connecting to?

This page by CSIRO lists a number of servers and sends them requests for valueset expansions

How do I list all the Editions and Versions of SNOMED Installed on a server?

Note: work needed on the Terminology Capabilities resource to properly answer this question.

Which version of ECL should be implemented? 

TODO Link!

How should historical associations best be accessed?

How to do lookup and expand operations?

Why is my CURL statement not working?

Watch that running this statement on any unix or mac command line will result in the dollar sign being interpreted as a variable (which probably doesn't exist!) and the URL will break at that point.   Change the " to ' to avoid this.


curl --location --request GET "$expand?"

How can I find out which value sets contain a given concept?

See Section of the FHIR Specification - "Searching for codes in Value Sets" - at In the case of SNOMED CT, this would exclude any implicit FHIR Value Set that contains an edition and version of the Code System in its entirety.

How can I find out which reference sets contain a given concept?

Could reference set membership be a property of the code?

In ConceptMap translate what is the difference between system and source/target?

Source and Target are Valuesets and System is the CodeSystem of the code being looked up.

Do I need a CodeSystem resource in order to implement a SNOMED CT ValueSet?

This question came up in relation to an implementer using the Global Patient Set (GPS) in a non-member country.   The Code System Resource is required to ensure interoperability between licensed and non-licensed sites. In the later case, using the GPS, the Code System Content Mode should be set to fragment, to indicate that only a subset of the contents of the full Code System are included. However, the Code System URL of that fragment should still be

Top Tip

Watch out for a URL for the Expand operation that contains an additional question mark (e.g. implicit Value Set syntax)$expand?url=

Questions for HL7

Could the TerminologyCapabilities statement be enhanced to specify which version of any particular computable language has been implemented?

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