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    TODO: Needs work - these are mostly TB - move to that section?  Or create split here between TS/TB.
    When starting to think about a SNOMED on FHIR implementation, the following questions should be considered:
  • Is the goal (a) homogenous population of resources or (b) permissive guidance to cater for greater flexibility?
  • Do we restrict value sets to ensure that the same information cannot be represented in 2 different ways
  • The same semantics can’t be included in 2 data elements
  • The same semantics can’t be included in 2 resources
  • How widely do we require/recommend SNOMED CT is used across each resource (e.g. vital signs, statuses)
  • Which of these are potentially in scope?
  • Restricting value sets to specific sub-hierarchies
  • New value sets for elements not using SNOMED CT
  • Restricting cardinalities to reduce ambiguity
  • Splicing to align with SNOMED CT concept model
  • Mapping FHIR value sets to SNOMED CT (e.g. status)
  • Defining SNOMED CT templates to support transformations
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